Mosquito Lagoon 12/15 &12/17 2011

Thursday I had Chris and Lance aboard the skiff for a day of Redfishing in the Mosquito lagoon. The water level has become a little higher than normal again and the clouds were in full effect this day. Fishing started out slow until later in the morning, then tails started to pop up all around us. After about a dozen shots at tailers Lance finally put one in the right spot and caught his first ever Redfish! Chris also sight fished several fish, both were using D.O.A. Shadtail CALS rigged weedless. They also had a chance to test out TFO’s new “Tactical Series” spinning rods designed by Gary Loomis. These rods are really light, well constructed, and the new guides that TFO came out with made of machined stainless steel inserts that are super hard chrome anodized then swaged into chromium impregnated stainless frame, which means they are more slick, harder, and lighter!

Saturday I was joined by Cory and his dad Clint aka “Iceman”. A cold front was expected to move in later this day which made the fishing pretty slow compared to how it has been the last couple weeks. We ran to the same spots where the whole flat was loaded with tailing Redfish just a couple days before to find nothing this day. It took a while but we found some fish that wanted to cooperate in another area.

Fishing can’t be great all the time, even the best of the best has their days. That’s when enjoying the outdoors and the company you are with come into play. Any day on the water is a good day if you ask me, catching fish is just a bonus!

-Capt. Willy Le

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